WANT WANT WANT. I have fallen in love with this camera. So want a film camera.

  • me when i go out: i should've stayed home
  • me when i stay home: i should've gone out
  • me when i'm around people: i want to be alone
  • me when i'm alone: i want to be around people
  • me when i'm mean to people: i need to be nicer
  • me when i'm nice to people: i need to be meaner
  • me when i'm on tumblr: all is right with the world

As soon as I forgive someone,

they just seem to chuck it back in my face. Think it’s time to stop being so forgiving now so I don’t get hurt any longer.


One day I decide to arrange something and it chucks it down with rain. 

For once in my life, I have no idea what to do right now. And no idea who I can talk to about this.

When you feel like someone is purposely dodging you or hiding something from you is a horrible feeling.


I’ve lost a stone in less than a year. University has actually done good for me! Still not quite where I want to be though…

I want nothing more right now than just someone to be here for me and a hug.